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Thank you for your interest in joining AESA. We have changed our name and are excited to be Parent Alliance for Students with Exceptional Needs (PASEN). You can enjoy all the benefits of membership of AESA any many more at Thank you for your support.


I feel the gray hair already, lol. Wow. I am overwhelmed yet I am very appreciative of your assistance.

Dawn M

Thank you for stating it (the group). I haven’t been in long, but I really appreciated it!

Elizabeth H

Thank you MIchelle you helped me last year. I was new and nervous. Thanks to you inspired me to be a lawyer. So I will be able to help other parents. It’s thanksgiving so thank you for inspiring.


I am kinda new to this group and it has been such a blessing. I am learning so much!! Thank you for all you do!!

Felicia M

Hi Michelle. I just want to say hello and tell you I greatly appreciate all the information and supports that you have shared through your Fb groups.

Jill S

Michelle excellent info

Michelle G

These links do have a lot of info it’s helping me to understand.

Andrea GA

Thank you so much for this! I feel good about my decision to homeschool but on occasion have my doubts when I get input from others. Ok, I’ll breathe a bit now & reassure myself I’m doing the right things for us. 🙂 Thanks again!


I have only been in this group for a little while and have found so much support and help. Thank you for everything <3


First I want to thank you for the group. It has been heaven sent!!! I have been so overwhelmed and it has been so nice to join a group and ask questions and get so much feedback from everyones experiences.


Thank you so much! You are beyond helpful! I want to cry but I know I can come here for a wealth of information.

Renee S

Thanks for all your help you’re amazing <3

Jessica P

Michelle you are an amazing person. Where you get the time and energy to do all the things you do, I will never know! You and this group has helped me so much. I would not be at the point I am at without the knowledge I gained here. The research and documentation you find for people is gold

April M

I am so thankful for you all as we can’t do it alone…


Thank YOU! I have learned so much!

Kathy L

I wanted to say thank you all. After 3 years we won our IEP fight with the school and my son is going to finally be receiving services. Additionally we were about to get them to use the label neurological disability versus emotionally disturbed. I couldn’t have done it without the information here!

Jenn L

You are Amazing! Thank you for all your information!!

Martha R

I hope I can buy you lunch someday! I can’t wait to follow you and to to as many meetings as possible <3 thank you so much <3 You have been an absolute angel.

Alexandrea G.H

You’ve helped me so much! Thank you for giving me so much time! I have learned so much over the last 3 1/5 years, but it is a never ending learning process for parents.

Brenda B

Michelle and thank you this group has been very helpful and makes me feel, much less alone.

Debbie K

This is a very helpful group!! Thanks for the awesome job that you do and for supporting and sharing your knowledge with special needs parents!!


You are an awesome person.


You, Michelle, are a priceless resource and an incredible inspiration to advocate ourselves. Thank you for what you do for us!!!

Kathryn M

Michelle thank you!!!!!!

Staphanie H

Ok Thanks sooo much. Your Awesome I’m grateful of all your responses and I do read them all. Thanks again 🙂

Carolyn D

Michelle you have been so helpful you have no idea I feel so blessed to found this group!!!


You are such an inspiration and wealth of information!


Michelle thank you for all your time & hard work! Already found helpful info. The links are awesome. It’s helping me become a better advocate and make sure his IEP is solid for next year.

Jennifer D

I don’t even know you personally and I still know you are also a mom who works very hard to share everything she has learned to help other families advocate for their own children.

Katie J

Michelle Thanks for all that you do, btw! People need as much good information as possible.

Denise M.B

Hi all. I want to take a time out and say thank you to Michelle and this group for helping me and guiding me with my kiddos with regards to their IEP. On my last post, I was asking for advice on how to get a school to let me observe a classroom and was denied. I was also not in agreement with the proposed placement (FAPE) offered to my 3yr old at her initial IEP meeting. I was also not in agreement with the speech and language evaluations. I am truly thankful for Michelle being so resourceful and sharing information that helped me to continue to advocate for my daughter. My daughter should have started preschool a month ago, but we are still working some things out. I received a letter from the school district over the weekend stating that they would allow me to go and observe the classroom requested, would pay for the IEE in Speech and Language and then have another IEP meeting to discuss the results. This is progress guys and for this I am grateful.


Because of your live session (in the FB group) I went back to the IEP team and ended up signing consent for my son to get a psycho educational evaluation. My husband was sitting near me and heard you say my name and my questions and somehow “hearing” your voice to tell us your advice really stuck with him more! So thank you!

Sarah C

Thank you so much for the IEE letter from Klimkowitz and now for AESA Visual Impairment (blog post) which I will read now. The school has refused to look at this case as VI because they say VI is the same as Legally Blind. I never agreed and (another agency) also said VI is a much broader umbrella than Legally Blind. Legally Blind is the criteria for the district to get free services from the (agency). I know the district just wants to deny he is both VI and OHI because they do not want to find any services for VI. Thank you so much for reminding me he has multiple disabilities. You are so wonderful! Thanks for your help from the bottom of my heart. To me you are an angel and I have never met you! Thank you for creating this group.

Suzanne H

I am a member of COPAA.  I have won Due process/Mediation in Boston, MA without an attorney. I am a member of several Trauma and Special Education groups AND STILL only after learning and CONTINUING to learn from Michelle am I able to excel and understand and make the educational world better place for my child and others. If you want to advocate for your child, join AESA it will be the best investment you make for your child and it will save you loads of time and stress. With Michelle’s exceptional knowledge, gifts, and on hands experience I feel like I hit the IEP advocacy lottery.

Terry A.H